Founded in 2014, Blindspot's services are focused on turning reactive information security programs into proactive ones. Minimizing risk while maximizing usability are the hallmarks of a mature security posture. Instead of chasing security for yesterday's technology fads, attack security with the long view. By leveraging cutting-edge research and extensive real world experience, Blindspot is well positioned to provide the kind of advice that will turn a security program around.

With over a decade of experience in penetration testing, incident response, secure software development, vulnerability research, and forensics, Timothy D. Morgan founded Blindspot with the belief that the security of our systems will not get better without a significant shift in how we approach the problem. While an ever-changing technical landscape requires intense focus on tomorrow's vulnerability, a more wholistic view of the business drivers and real-world practicalities is needed to maintain perspective and apply scarce resources where they are most desperately needed.